New Obstacle Course at ATV Festival is a Success

July 30, 2012
by Larry Gomes
White Mt. Ridge Runners

The ATV festival featured a new event this year that was designed by fellow club member John Higgins from Raymond, NH.  John is a member of the WMRR snowmobile club and the Andtroscoggin Valley ATV club (both clubs are located in Berlin) and he has worked on dozens of projects for these clubs over the years.  He is also an active volunteer with snowmobile and ATV clubs in central New Hampshire.

This year John came up with an idea to create an obstacle course for the kids to teach them the basics of handling an ATV in rough terrain.  The course was a big hit and will probably become part of the venue in future years.  The course consisted of three types of challenges including trees, tires and a see-saw. 

Congratulations to John for his ingenuity and work in putting this course together and running it on Saturday.

The log course had a choice of large and small logs that the rider could choose to go over
based on their ability and the size of their machine.

The tire course tests the riders ability to hang on while the machine is being tossed from side to side.


The See-saw was the most difficult to master.  The easiest thing to do was to drive over it. 
The hardest thing to do was balance the ATV in the middle.


Ben McLean proved it could be done!


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