Hot Dog Roast Was a Success

March 23, 2014
By Larry Gomes


With a warm Saturday in the forecast, our club Treasurer George Falardeau decided to put on an end of season Hot Dog Roast.  It was held on Saturday, March 15th at the Jericho Warming Hut and it was well attended.  We ended up serving all the food we brought and donations from the snowmobilers who attended covered the food cost.

What we did not expect was to have entertainment.  A group of back country snowmobilers showed up and started riding the hills around the warming hut.  Before we knew it, the were doing hill climbs up the steep hill in front of the warming hut.  A large crowd gathered to watch the fun.

About half-way through the event, one of our groomer operators, Tom Belanger decided that he was going to participate with an old 800 Arctic Cat with a 121-in long track.  Of course everyone told him there was no way he would make it, so that just made him more determined.

So off went Tom down to the bottom of the hill.  He got stuck once while he was turning around and was helped out by one of the back country riders.  Then off he went up the wrong trail and got completely buried.  I went down to help him get turned around and he tried again and this time he found the right trail and made it all the way up to the top with everyone cheering him on.

It was a great day of fun and relaxation and it will probably become an annual event.  Here are some pictures from that day...

On the way up to the Warming Hut, this moose was standing in  the water works access road just south of our club house. 
He posed for the picture and then ambled off down the road.


George (center) and his girlfriend Madonna (left) did all the cooking.  One of the backwoods riders (right)
brought his own burgers and cooked them on the club grill.

One of the backwoods riders packs the trail before trying their run up from below.

Another rider makes the run up from the bottom.

Everyone had their camera's out for the jumps.

Tom Belanger got his short track sled buried when he tried to hill climb the wrong trail.

Tom finally found the right trail and he had the throttle pegged on the way up.

Tom completes his run with a nice jump to the cheers of the crowd.  He was only person with a short track sled to try the hill climb.

Big air from back country rider #1.

Even bigger air from back country rider #2.

Back country rider #3 let off on the throttle and barely made it over the top.


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