NH OHRV / Snowmobile Safety Course Now Online

May 25, 2014

If you need to complete an Off Highway Recreational Vehicle (OHRV) and snowmobile safety course to get your New Hampshire safety certificate, you now have the option of completing the training online. Sign up today at http://www.wildnh.com/OHRV/ohrv_online_ed.html

The course is approved by the N.H. Fish and Game Dept. and is the only mobile-friendly New Hampshire course that features both OHRV and snowmobile content and live-action video.

“The New Hampshire OHRV and snowmobile course is a great way for students to become educated online, at their own pace, while learning key safety information we find important for riding both OHRV's and snowmobiles,” said Captain John Wimsatt, OHRV/Snowmobile education and Law Enforcement coordinator for N.H. Fish and Game. “The course uses video, animations and more to teach those valuable lessons and emphasize the importance of respecting landowners and private property. Partnering with offroad-ed.com was a natural choice, and together we're putting safety-conscious riders on the trails.”

The course is available on any device, so students can access the course on the web even if the only way they have to connect to the Internet is via their smartphone. Plus, the new mobile-ready course features live-action videos, realistic illustrations and interactive animations that make it easier and more fun to learn how to safely operate an OHRV and snowmobile. The course's two safety video series teach about the appropriate riding gear, riding in various conditions, loading and unloading, plus much more.

“Our goal in developing a combined OHRV and snowmobile safety course was to create a comprehensive learning experience that would be fun for our students. In our video series, we use humor, where appropriate, to focus the student's attention on the safety advice,” said Kurt Kalkomey, CEO of Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc., which produces offroad-ed.com and snowmobile-ed.com. “We also wanted to avoid lecturing. Our content and videos are meant to engage students with opportunities to explore and select the best options for staying safe while operating their OHRV or snowmobile. This helps students develop true understanding rather than just memorizing the lesson.”

The training offered in this course is approved by the N.H. Fish and Game Dept. and is the same material that is taught in the Today's ORV Rider and Today's Snowmobile Rider manuals used in the traditional course. Studying at http://www.offroad-ed.com is free. To get a safety education certificate before operating an OHRV or snowmobile, students pay a one-time fee of $29.50, only after passing the exam.

Traditional classroom OHRV and Snowmobile safety education courses, taught by 150 Fish and Game-certified volunteer instructors and Regional Coordinators, will continue to be available statewide at no charge. Aschedule of classes can be found at http://www.wildnh.com/OHRV/schedule.html.

“We’re delighted to have the online course up and running, because it is a helpful option for people who may have difficulty getting to a class,” said Wimsatt.

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