Stark Resident Selected for Shikar-Safari Award

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June 5, 2013

Lt. Wayne Saunders of Stark, N.H., was selected as the New Hampshire 2012 Shikar-Safari Club International Wildlife Officer of the Year. Saunders was recently promoted to the position of District One Chief. He has been employed by the N.H. Fish and Game Department for 18 years.

"Lieutenant Saunders is an incredibly motivated Conservation Officer. He is a trained and valued member of the Critical Incident Response Team, an OC Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor, a Field Training Officer assisting in the training of new officers within the Division, and a trained Background Investigator," said Garabedian. "He has received many commendations for courage, exemplary performance and for his dedicated efforts over the years during challenging search and rescue missions. The Department is fortunate to have such a determined and capable new leader."

Garabedian also commended Saunders for initiating several highly successful efforts to secure needed equipment. To date, Lt. Saunders has been responsible for securing more than $90,000 in private donations toward the Department's Law Enforcement goals in the North Country.

The Shikar-Safari Club International is a worldwide organization dedicated to the protection, enhancement and preservation of wildlife, with emphasis on endangered and threatened species and promoting the enforcement of conservation laws and regulations. 

Lt. Wayne Saunders - 2012 Shikar-Safari Club International Wildlife Officer of the Year

Editors Note:  The WMRR club was asked by Sgt. Saunders in 2011 to raise funds for an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) for southern Coos County.  The club agreed and he then worked along with club members for 18 months to raise those funds and the ERV was put into service last fall.  WMRR congratulates Lt. Saunders on his award and we hope he gets out from behind his new desk once in a while to come back and visit our club.



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