Five Snowmobile Accidents in Coos Keep Fish and Game Busy
WMRR Emergency Rescue Vehicle Used

February 10, 2014

The Berlin Daily Sun

It was a busy Saturday for N.H. Fish and Game officers who responded to five separate snowmobile accidents in Coos County. The accidents ranged across the country occurring in Berlin, Whitefield, Clarksville, Pittsburg, and Thompson & Meserve's Purchase.

At approximately 9:27 a.m., Marc Perreault, 62, of Milton, was riding on Corridor 128 in Clarksville when he missed a corner and crashed into Bishop Brook. Beecher Falls Rescue transported Perreault from the scene to a staging area at the Clarksville Store where he was treated for hypothermia by 45th Parallel EMS. Perreault refused any other medical treatment.

Just over an hour later, at 10:39 a.m., Cydney Johnson, 42, of Alton, was riding on Hilltop Trail in Whitefield as part of a guided tour when she inadvertently accelerated and crashed the rental snowmobile into a tree. Johnson was triaged at the scene by EMS personnel and transported just under a mile via Twin Fire and Rescue's rescue sled to the awaiting ambulance. She was transported to Weeks Hospital in Lancaster and subsequently med-flighted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital with serious injuries. Whitefield Fire and EMS, Dalton Fire and EMS and Twin Mountain Fire and EMS were the first responders and assisted in providing initial medical treatment.

At 1:15 p.m., Karen Lane 44, of Merrimack was involved in a snowmobile accident approximately a half-mile north of Indian Stream Road on Corridor 20 in Pittsburg. Lane was negotiating a left turn and went off the right side of the trail into a tree. Lane was treated by Pittsburg Fire and Rescue and transported by 45th Parallel EMS to the Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital (UCVH) where she was treated for serious injuries.

At approximately 2 p.m., Andrew Zola, 21, of Mansfield, Mass., was riding a rental snowmobile on Jefferson Notch Road, Corridor 11, in Thomson and Meserve's Purchase when he drove too close to the soft edge of the trail and got sucked in and crashed into a tree. There was damage to the snowmobile, but Zola escaped injury.

At 3:15 p.m., William Page, 64, of Charlestown, was traveling east on Corridor 19 in Berlin just outside of Jericho Park when he got off onto the soft shoulder of the trail on a sharp left corner. The snowmobile rolled over and struck a tree. Page was treated at the scene by EMS first responders from Berlin Fire and EMS and transported out by the rescue UTV driven by members of Gorham Fire and EMS. Page was transported to Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin with unspecified injuries.



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