New Triton Trailer Specially Designed for ERV Project

September 14, 2012

White Mt. Ridge Runners

It was a long 1,200 mile trip from Berlin, NH to Hartford, WI to pick up the new dual-axel trailer from Triton Trailers, but it was worth every minute once we arrived and saw our new trailer.

Rochelle Priesgen, president of Triton Corporation heard about the Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) project from local Triton dealer Randy Cicchetto of Jericho Motorsports and then asked how she could help.  A complete list of requirements was given to Rochelle and she met with the Triton engineering team and they came up with a comprehensive design for the new trailer.

The result is a trailer that has an amazing list of features and capabilities.  The trailer is built of aluminum and is very light in weight allowing it to be towed by almost any pickup truck.  The trailer not only houses and transports the ERV, but it can also serve as a mobile triage center. 

In the event of an accident with multiple victims, the trailer will become a mini-emergency room complete with 12-volt lighting run by an on-board battery system and 110-volt lighting and outlets that can be run by a generator.  The trailer has white washable walls and ceiling and is completely insulated so it can be heated with a propane heater in the winter.

The trailer is also specially designed to fit the ERV when it is in its winter mode.  With a full cab kit and tracks, the ERV stands 82" tall.  The trailer has a "beaver tail" where the deck at the end of the trailer drops down a few inches giving the extra clearance needed for the ERV to enter into the trailer.

Triton also volunteered to help with the funding of the trailer. They teamed up with their regional representative Road King Distributors in Turner, ME to provide the club with a 50% discount on this one-of-a-kind trailer.  This represents a contribution of over $10,000 to the ERV project.

"Our original budget was based on the purchase of a steel utility trailer that would retail for about $7,500" said Larry Gomes, Assistant Trailmaster for the WMRR club.  "But after we received the ERV and started measuring things, we realized the ERV would not fit into that style of trailer". 

"Then the local first responders floated the idea of the trailer also serving as a triage center, so our thinking changed and we decided to look for a different type of trailer" said Gomes.  "Even after adding an additional $2,500 to our budget, we could not afford the type of trailer that we wanted and that is when Triton and Road King Distributors stepped up and provided the additional funding".   Gomes also stated "We are extremely grateful for their help and I am sure this trailer will play a large part in saving lives and minimizing trauma for many accident victims".

Gomes went on to say "From the beginning, the Emergency Response Vehicle project has been breaking new ground.  No organization has ever put together a vehicle that can be used in all four seasons, by multiple communities for remote rescues of snowmobilers, ATV riders and hikers over a wide area. This new trailer continues the concept of innovation by not only serving as a transportation platform, but also as a mobile medical platform that can be used in any type of weather."

The trailer is now at Jericho Motorsports in Berlin being outfitted for its new role with a goal of having it rolling to accidents scenes by November.


Doreen Margelowsky, sales executive at Triton Corporation presents the trailer title and keys to Larry Gomes at the Triton manufacturing plant in Hartford Wisconsin.


The trailer is built with light-weight aluminum components allowing it to be pulled by passenger class pickup trucks or SUV's.

The trailer has a 12-volt LED lighting system powered by its own on-board battery. 
This battery is trickled charged when the trailer lights are on or by plugging the trailer
into a 110-volt outlet.  This picture shows the inside of the trailer lit by just the LED lights.


The picture shows the trailer being lit by the 110-volt florescent lights that will be driven off a generator when the trailer is in the field.
There are also 110-volt outlets in the front and the rear of the trailer.

The trailer features a side access door and side LED loading lights that light up the area along the drivers side of the trailer.
The rear backup lights can also be turned on from a switch inside the trailer to light up the ramp during loading and unloading.

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