Emergency Bridge Repair Needed on PT109 

November 1, 2012

Club members are scrambling after finding out that a 27-foot long bridge on PT109 has rotted bridge decking and is need of immediate repair.  The problem was reported by the White Mountain National Forest staff who recently noticed a hole in the middle of the bridge.  After further inspection, it was found that the entire deck is rotted and would not stand up to traffic this winter.

This bridge was built in 2003 and had been covered over with a temporary steel bridge for 3 years during a logging operation.  The steel bridge was removed last fall and the bridge decking looked fine. But club members now think the extended time it was left under the steel bridge caused the decking to dry out and become a haven for bugs which ate the the 4" x 6" decking from the inside out.

The club does not have any funding for the project so the current plan is to recycle some bridge decking from old bridges and try to repair the deck for this winter.  The club will then apply for funds to rebuild the bridge properly next summer.

This is large job and will require a big crew.  A preliminary work day has been set for Saturday, November 10th.  Please plan ahead so you can help with this critical project. 

Free overnight accommodations are available for anyone coming from out of town.  If you can make it, please send email to larry@twolakeslodge.com

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