Corridor 12 Relocated To Permanent Route Near Biomass Plant

December 10, 2014

Just in time to start the season, Bureau of Trails employees completed several days of work to get Corridor 12 back along the fence line in front of the Biomass plant.

The Biomass plan paid to have the old fence was removed and a new fence was installed further away from the road to give more room for the trail.  Using a bulldozer and backhoe, the BOT workers prepared a dirt ramp coming up from the railroad bed onto the new trail surface.  They removed rocks and stumps, filled in holes and smoothed up the trail. 

Clint Savage, the District 1 Supervisor in charge of the project said "There is more to do, but at least the trail is usable for this winter".

I am sure everyone is going to appreciate the new route after having to ride sidewalks for the past two years.

This is the new dirt ramp going up to the relocated trail along the fence line.  Three years ago when this trail was last in use, there was an 8' high
wall here and the City of Berlin would dump snow at the base of the wall so a snow ramp could be built with the groomer. 
It was an all day affair that is now a distant memory.


Looking south along the new trail with the Biomass plant on the right and great view of Mount Forist straight ahead.


Looking north along the new trail with the Biomass plant on the left.


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