WMRR Get a Christmas Present from a "Concerned Citizen"

December 21, 2012

Maybe its because today was supposed to be the end of the world...

Maybe somebody was stressed out with their Christmas shopping...

Maybe its the Fiscal Cliff...

But someone went through a heck of a lot of trouble to leave us a message about littering.

We found this car part on a gate that is a mile from the nearest parking area.  So there is only one way to get to this gate:  walking.

To be fair, we saw this abandoned air dam on the ground near this gate about a month ago, but for some reason we forgot to pick it up.

When we returned to open the gate for the snowmobile season, there it was wedged onto the top of the gate with a message on it.  So whoever did this, saw that we had not picked it up a month ago, then came back with a printed label that they taped to the part and left on top of the gate so we could not miss it.

The funny part is, this is a CAR PART.  Not a snowmobile part or a groomer part.  But somehow this person thinks it is our responsibility to remove it.

So if you want to see this part in person, visit our clubhouse where it will be hanging to remind us that "it takes all kinds".




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