AT&T Commits to New Groveton Cell Tower

August 3, 2012

By Marie Hughes
The Colebrook Chronicle

At the Groveton Planning Board meeting on Aug. 1, it was learned that AT&T would be the provider of the cell service to the town.

The announcement was made at the planning board meeting when members gave their approval for a site plan review for the telecommunications tower to be installed on Morse Mountain. Scott Tranchemontagne of Montagne Communications on behalf of NCIC, along with Art Colvin of Horizons Engineering, have assisted in the presentation of the proposed cell tower on Morse Mountain to the town. Tranchemontagne stated, “By constructing a cell tower, it will give the community a leg up in attracting new businesses to the area. It will help Groveton grow economically.”

On Tuesday evening, the town’s Zoning Board of Adjustments approved a zoning variance for a setback from the boundary line because of its proximity to the BioFuel property and the frontage needed for the Morse Mountain Cell Tower, paving the way for the Planning Board approval on Wednesday. Horizon’s Surveyor Art Colvin said that because the tower will be 195-feet tall, it will not need to be lit.
There is still room on the tower for two more vendors.

The only hurdle left is seeking a building permit from the town. Final plans will be discussed at the Selectmen’s meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 11.

Editors Note: Morse Mountain is located about 2 miles due north of Groveton center.


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