New Cates Hill Bypass Trail is a Go

October 6, 2013

After working with local landowners for several weeks, approval has been received for a new route for the Cates Hill Trail. 

The old trail is overgrown and has many washouts so the club has been looking for an alternate route that would bypass these problem areas and follow a drier route.

The new route follows an old logging road that was spotted using history feature in Google Earth.  Looking back in time at older satellite maps, the logging road could be clearly seen.

LAT/LON reference points along the old road were established and loaded into a GPS.  Once on the ground, these waypoints guided the way to the old road and it was flagged from end to end.  Then the landowners were contacted and after a walk through of the new route, approval was given.

The new .55 mile long route is not entirely clear of trees, but the trees that are growing up through the old road are not very big so it should be a fairly easy job to cut it open in preparation for the excavator.  This is a top priority project since we must get the excavation work done before the ground starts to freeze.

Please watch the WMRR website for postings on trail work days for this project. 

New Cates Hill Trail Bypass Route


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