State of NH Provides Background Info on Historic Bridge

June 24, 2014

The Chief of Existing Bridges for the State of New Hampshire checked their archives and was able to provide a little more info on the historic bridge that club members restored last week.

David E. Powelson, P.E., said in response to an email inquiry: "Our 1996 bridge summary indicated that the bridge was built in 1920.  A 1998 report by Provan and Lorber indicates that they
thought the bridge was built in the late 1800's.." "We also found some ancient photographs, electronic copy attached." Our thanks go out to Mr. Powelson for following up on our request for information.
As we were restoring the bridge, we noticed that the steel girders were stamped with "Carnegie" which means the steel for these sections was built by Carnegie Steel which was formed in 1892. 
Carnegie Steel was sold to US Steel in 1901 so we think that narrows the date range down to 1892 to 1901.  Its a great testament to the quality of steel and building practices that this bridge served as a
road bridge for over 100 years and now is getting a second life as a snowmobile bridge.  Hopefully it will last another 100 years...  
The pictures below show the bridge when it was installed at the foot of Paris Road near the junction of Rt. 110.  
Some of our club members have camps on Paris Road and they remember crossing over this bridge to get to camp.
To see pictures of the bridge restoration, click HERE.
To see pictures of the bridge installation at its new site, click HERE.
To see a  front page story about this bridge published in The Berlin Reporter, click HERE.



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