Controlled Burn Of Former Inn At The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel

January 6, 2012
By Charles Jordan
The Colebrook Chronicle

Dixville Notch was the scene of a dramatic and bittersweet controlled burn this morning as the current owners of the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel invited three area fire departments to assist in the burning of the former Inn on the grounds of the historic Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. In later years, the Inn served as the dormitory for employees and was located adjacent to the hotel. It faced onto the main parking lot of the hotel.

Fire crews from Colebrook, Pittsburg and Beecher Falls, Vt., were on scene beginning at 8:30 in the morning. Around 10 a.m., when the Chronicle photographer was taking these photos, the controlled burn was well along. Crews took special care so that the flames didn’t impact adjacent buildings.

Salvage crews had removed asbestos and other materials from the Inn and the adjacent former Tillotson Rubber factory, during autumn, prior to today’s burn.

In Dec. 2011, the hotel was purchased by Daniel Hebert and Daniel Dagesse, who created Balsams View LLC. Their plans include renovating The Hampshire House and Dix House portion of the old hotel, and to expand the facility to include a convention center. Co-owner Dan Hebert was onsite during the controlled burn, watching the progress from the parking lot.

Pictures by Charles Jordan.  For more information and a video of the fire, visit

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