Kilkenny Trail Riders Organizes Parking and Riding in Lancaster
August 7, 2013
By Edith Tucker
Coos County Democrat

LANCASTER – The Kilkenny Trail Riders ATV Club has organized ATV parking at Dan Benoit’s used car lot at the end of Summer Street and at the building that formerly housed FB Spaulding at 48 Bunker Hill Street, according to its Trail Administrator Lisa Snowman.

OHRV riders will be able to use: Summer Street, but only to Bunker Hill where they can go up to Spaulding’s to park or to the municipal parking behind the office of the “Coös County Democrat” at 79 Main Street. They will be able to use Railroad Street, to Depot Street, to Kilkenny Street.

From there they will be able to go right by Rite Aid, cross Main Street, and follow the signs out behind Paul Crane’s Snowmobile Museum. From there they can go to Scorpio’s Pizzaria and to the Jiffy Mart.

“Riders will also use Summer Street to connect to Page Hill and then to Lost Nation Road from there,” Snowman said. “Once on that trail, they will be able to ride all the way to Groveton and connect into an already-existing trail system.” More trails are being worked on, she explained.

The Club’s website is: It also has a Facebook page: Kilkenny Trail Riders. “If ATV enthusiasts want to stay up to date with our trail construction and photos, these are the two places best to go,” Snowman explained. “We update them frequently!



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