Lost Nation Road Expected to be Opened Today to ATV's
August 7, 2013
By Edith Tucker
Coos County Democrat

LANCASTER-GROVETON – Lost Nation Road will be open to ATVs, starting today, Aug. 7, if all goes as planned, Trails Bureau Chief Chris Gamache and District Supervisor Clint Savage both reported on Wednesday in Berlin. ATVs and other OHRVs will be able to drive at the posted speed limit with the flow of traffic, just as motorcycles do.

The initiative to bring Lancaster into the “Ride the Wilds” interconnected trail system was sparked in February by the formation of the Kilkenny Trail Riders ATV Club (http://kilkennytrailriders.com), inspired by Harry Brown of Stewartstown the North Country OHRV Coalition.

“Riding on the highway is going to be a new experience for OHRV users and riders, and motorists need to be aware of one another” Gamache said in a recent press release. “Being able to use a limited number of state highways is a tremendous step forward to connecting existing trail-riding opportunities in Coös County, but we want to make sure that the existing motorists and the OHRV riders coexist safely on the roads, so paying attention to signs will be extremely important Lancaster Police Chief Bill Colborn said in a telephone interview that he welcomes and supports the town’s efforts to accommodate ATVers.

Nonetheless, he warns, “Anyone who drives an ATV-OHRV on a public way in the town of Lancaster will be required to possess a valid driver’s license and will be held accountable to all motor vehicle and ATV-OHRV laws rules and regulations.” Colborn urges both residents and visitors to pay close attention to the new signs that will be going up.

The use of Lost Nation Road as a connector means that ATV enthusiasts in Lancaster will be connected to the 125 miles of trails, most on private property, that are maintained by the North Country ATV Club in Stratford. The presence of that Club has sparked a number of businesses, including Bed & Breakfasts.

The Club’s 14th New England ATV Rodeo is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 17, at Burns Truck Stop on Route 3. The all-day family event includes an ATV challenge course, radar run, mud run, and lots of food and activities. No alcohol and no dogs, however. Kids under 12 are free; a $5 entry fee is charged those 12 and over to help pay trail maintenance costs.


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