ATV Rolls Over Into River in Gorham

July 15 2013
Barbara Tetrault
Berlin Daily Sun

GORHAM Using the new Emergency Rescue Vehicle, crews assisted an ATV operator who lost control of his machine on the Presidential Rail Trail between Gorham and Berlin and rolled it down the bank and into the Androscoggin River.

According to Fish and Game, the accident occurred shortly after 10 a.m. Monday in the vicinity of the trail near TOP Furniture. Conrad Nelson, 28, of Manchester was ATV riding with a friend when he lost control of his ATV and the vehicle rolled approximately 50 feet into the river. Nelson was able to get out of the river and climb up the embankment.

On the trail, a mowing contractor found him and called 911. Fish and Game responded to the scene.

Larry Gomes, assistant trail master for White Mountain Ridge Runners, said Shawn Costin and Chad Miller of Gorhan Fire and Rescue used the new Emergency Rescue Vehicle to get to the scene through Pike Paving's sand pit. Nelson was transported on the ERV to a waiting ambulance at the sand pit.

From there, Nelson was taken to Androscoggin Valley Hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. A release issued by Fish and Game said inexperience was the chief cause of the accident.

Gomes, in an e-mail, said the ERV returned to the scene of the accident and pulled the ATV from the river using the winch on the vehicle. The White Mountain Ridge Runners Club led the effort to raise almost $40,000 to purchase the ERV. The club raised some of the funding itself and sought donations from local communities, Coos County, and the Tillotson Fund.


Overturned ATV in the Androscoggin River just before it was pulled out by the Emergency Rescue Vehicle.
Photo courtesy of NH Fish and Game.


The Emergency Rescue Vehicle was used to extract the injured rider and then returned
to the scene to pull the ATV out of the river.  Photo courtesy of Shawn Costine.




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