Colebrook Board OK's Use of Town Roads for ATV's

Januarh 10, 2013
By Marie Hughes
The Colebook Chronicle

The Colebrook selectboard approved the use of previously designated town roads for ATV use at its Jan. 9 meeting.

Town Clerk Sheila Beauchemin said that the motion read all town roads mentioned in the original request as well as portions of other roads (those were not specifically named) could be used by the riders.

The motion also stated all permitted roads will have signage indicating they are part of the Colebrook OHRV trail. Further provisions state, “The riders bear the responsibility of knowing the rules for using the roads.” Riders who do not follow the rules or who are not on approved trails will be subject to prosecution.

This permission is one of the last steps needed to connect the trails in the North Country which supporters say will offer a great opportunity for Colebrook commercially and economically.


This map, created by The Colebrook News and Sentinel, shows the proposed routes,
trailheads and parking areas for all-terrain vehicles in downtown Colebrook.
According to Harry Brown of the Metallak ATV Club, who presented this proposal
at the December 19 public hearing, the sole complaint of riders on
 local trails is the lack of access to services.

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