Metallak ATV Club to Receive $63,093.30 Grant from NH Bureau of Trails

June 6, 2012
Coos County Democrat

NORTH WOODS—The Metallak All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Club is very pleased to announce that the N.H. Bureau of Trails has granted $63,093.30 through its Grant In Aid program. This money will be used by the Metallak Club to construct its share of the interconnecting ATV Trails for the Great North Woods from Gorham to Pittsburg to Colebrook.

This specific grant is for the construction of the trail system from Coleman State Park to the North Gate of the Balsams, and from Kelsey Notch, over Dixville Peaks, to Greenough Pond Road. The total construction cost is estimated to be $86,152.30. This will leave the club with a shortfall of $23,059 as its contribution, plus many hours of volunteer labor. The final approval of the grant will not take place until the Governor and Councils approval on July 11.

It is the belief of the club and the North Country OHRV Coalition that the interconnecting trail system in Coos County will offer a unique riding experience for recreational riders from the eastern United States. The riding season is greater than six months and is not reliant on a natural cover to participate. In addition, participants have very limited riding opportunities south of the notches in N.H. and in states south of our border. We truly view this will as an economic stimulus to the Great North Woods, similar to opening a new factory.

Since announcing the capital fund drive on May 20, the club has raised over $6,000, which leaves a current shortfall of $17,059. Time is of the essence, as we hope to get the interconnecting trails open by July to early August; however, this will not be accomplished without a successful capital campaign.

You can contribute, regardless of size. Do so by mailing it to the Metallak ATV Club, Post Office Box 318 Colebrook, N.H. 03576, or by visiting our website,, and utilizing Pay Pal.


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