City to Be Prime Sponsor for ATV Festival
All City Streets to be Open During Festival

May 24, 2012

Barbara Tetrault
The Berlin Daily Sun

BERLIN -- The city will be the prime sponsor for the Jericho Park ATV festival this July 27 and 28. In a letter to the city council, Androscoggin Valley ATV Club Vice President Rene Boutin noted that the state Department of Resources and Economic Development started the festival in 2010 with funding from a $30,000 grant. Last year, the state turned the event over to the club, which was able to get Can-Am to sponsor it with a $6,500 donation.

This year, the club has been unable to find a sponsor and is seeking assistance from local organizations and businesses. Boutin asked if the city would match the $2,000 donation it provided last year.  
The council decided to contribute the remaining $4,287 in its contingency fund to the festival. Mayor Paul Grenier said the city will be recognized as the prime sponsor on promotional material for the event.
The city council also agreed to open up all city streets to OHRV traffic on the two days of the festival.

Councilor Mike Rozek suggested the city allow ATV riders to ride throughout the city during the festival and not be limited to the ATV corridor trail. He said the two days would be a good test to see how opening up the city to ATV traffic would work on a permanent basis. Grenier said he supported relaxing the regulations as a way to help promote the festival and ATV riding and the council agreed.

City Planner Pamela Laflamme noted the city can only open up streets within the urban compact and has no authority on state roads. The urban compact ends at White Mountain Distributors on Route 110, Cates Hill Road on Route 16, and the Mayneboro Industrial Park on the East Milan Road. City ATV riders should be able to the festival directly from their homes.

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