Ride The Wilds Votes To Return Northern Pass Money
September 25, 2015
The Colebrook Chronicle


The North Country OHRV Coalition released the following announcement on Tuesday regarding money it received recently from the Northern Pass-funded Coos County Job Creation Association. The original announcement of the award prompted landowners against the Northern Pass project to say that they planned to close their land to Ride the Wilds if the money is accepted.

At a recent meeting of the North Country OHRV Coalition (NCOHRVC), the Board of Directors voted to respectfully decline funds that were awarded by the Coos County Job Creation Association (CCJCA) two weeks ago. Over the past few months, the NCOHRVC has been completing a reorganization of the Board of Directors. As part of this process, the Board of Directors is also reviewing the priorities for the organization.

“We do appreciate being selected as one of the finalists for funding, but the CCJCA grant was applied for months ago by individuals who are no longer associated with the organization,” said Richard Cotter, Vice President and acting President for the Coalition. “We are just about to close out another banner season for the Ride the Wilds trail system and it is a good time to get input from the clubs and riders as part of this reorganization process,” said Cotter.

“Ride the Wilds is the Northeast's largest interconnected OHRV trail system, with 1,000-plus miles of trails on private and public land across Coos County maintained by nine local OHRV Clubs. On behalf of all riders, we express our sincere thanks to our private, public and municipal landowners for allowing our local OHRV clubs to maintain trails across their land. Without these generous landowners, the Ride the Wilds trail network would not exist.”


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