$302,014 in OHRV funds to be divvied up among 15 Clubs

by Edith Tucker
Coos County Democrat

July 2, 2014

CONCORD Governor and Council will be asked to approve the distribution of $302,014 100 percent of which comes from the OHRV Fund generated by registration fees at its meeting this morning, July 2.

Favorable Action on agenda item 34 will allow the Bureau of Trails to sign Grant in Aid Trail Maintenance and Equipment agreements with nonprofit clubs. The Trails Bureau, headed up by Chris Gamache, is in the Division of Parks and Recreation of the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED).

ATV Club Grants
Nine North Country Clubs are slated to receive funds for which they applied: Ammonoosuc Valley ATV Club of Bath, $2,460; Androscoggin Valley ATV Club of Berlin, $45,386; Great North Woods Riders ATV Club, Inc. of Pittsburg, $37,994; Metallak ATV Club of Colebrook, $20,244; Millsfield ATV Club of Litchfield, $46,046; North Country ATV Club of Stratford, $41,722; Presidential ATV Club of Gorham, $20,981; Sunset Riders ATV Club of Berlin that operates in the Success Pond area, $21,296; and Umbagog ATV Club of Errol, $20,838.

Only the Umbagog ATV Club will receive $15,138 for equipment, with the $5,700 balance earmarked for construction and grading.

The Kilkenny Trail Riders of Lancaster did not apply for a grant this year because it does not yet have permissions in hand to construct new off-highway trails on private property. Six clubs located elsewhere in the state Contoocook, Henniker, Londonderry, Derry, Claremont, and Gonic will receive the remaining dollars being distributed.

In addition, four of these North Country ATV clubs are also slated under agenda item 36 to receive monies generated from the National Recreational Trails Fund funded by the Federal Highway Administration, representing a portion of the motor fuel excise tax collected from non-highway recreational fuel use.

The federal dollars being distributed in New Hampshire this year totals $1,222,532. Four ATV clubs are slated as beneficiaries: North Country ATV Club of Stratford is slated to receive $23,910; Androscoggin Valley ATV Club of Berlin, $30,000; Sunset Riders ATV Club of Berlin, $30,000; and Great North Woods Riders of Pittsburg, $30,000.

Snowmobile Club Grants
Other area clubs are also listed to receive these federal funds: Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club, $12,096; Northern Forest Canoe Trail, $10,302; Appalachian Mountain Club, $24,000; Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club, $28,000; Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF), $91,749; Nansen Ski Club, $2,830; Swift Diamond Riders Snowmobile Club, $17,547; Randolph Mountain Club, $19,714; White Mountain Ridge Runners, $30,000; White Mountain National Forest, $15,000; and New Hampshire Off-Highway Vehicle Association, $7,000.

Seventeen North Country snowmobile clubs are slated under agenda item 35 to receive monies under Grant in Aid Trail Maintenance and Equipment agreements with the Bureau of Trails. A total of $582,386 will be distributed, generated by registration fees, to 71 clubs across the state.

North Country clubs include: Colebrook SkiBees, $8,914; Dalton Ridge Runners,$28,296; Jefferson Highland ers, $2,002; Lancaster Snow Drifters; Lisbon Stump Jumpers, $3,000; Littleton Off Road Riders, $2,625; Milan All Weather Riders, $14,429; Monroe Bumper Humpers, $6,348; Pittsburg Ridge Runners, $5,160; Stratford Nighthawks,$11,280; Swift Diamond Riders of Stewartstown, $2,977; Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club, $3,000; Umbagog Snowmobile Association of Errol, $16,897; Waumbek Methna of Jefferson, $8,738; White Mountain Ridge Runners of Berlin, $5,343; White Mountain SMC of Lincoln, $15,560; and White Mountain Trail Club of Bartlett, $2,687.



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