OHRV Use OK'd on Downtown Main Street Mile, If State Agrees

by Edith Tucker
Coos County Democrat

June 18, 2014

LANCASTER After a nearly hour-long public hearing on Monday night, the select board voted unanimously, 2 to 0, to approve the use of Main Street from the intersection of Kilkenny Street (an extension of Depot Street) to Town Hall, contingent on state approval.

Both selectmen Leon Rideout and David Stickney voted yes; selectman Leo Enos was absent.

"We're taking baby steps," explained Rideout, noting that the board recognizes that some residents who live on its side streets oppose changing the town's character to benefit from some new tourist dollars.

Officers and members of the Kilkenny Trail Riders Club of Lancaster spoke in favor of their proposal to make it possible for ATV enthusiasts to go to local restaurants, motels, ice cream shops, gas stations and other stores and services, designed to transform the town into one of the major access points to "Ride the Wilds: 1,000-plus miles of interconnected trails."

Several parking lots in town, including the old F.B. Spaulding lot and the town hall lot, will be designated for car-and-trailer use.


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