ATV Club Proposes Opening More Roads in Stewartstown and Colebrook

April 30, 2014

By Jake Mardin
Colebrook News and Sentinel

Public hearings on the question of opening more town roads for ATV use will be held in Stewartstown and Colebrook, both at the requests of the Metallak ATV Club.

In Stewartstown, the roads up for consideration are Creampoke, North Hill and Bear Rock Road to Heath Road, and all of Bear Rock Road to Route 145. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Friday, May 16 at the town hall.

In Colebrook, the town roads that will be discussed are Roaring Brook, Harvey Swell, East Colebrook, Bear Rock and Bennett Hill roads; Reed Road from the junction of Bear Rock and Cree roads to the junction of Forbes Hill Road; Willey Road and Ramsey Road.

State roads that will be discussed are Diamond Pond Road from Heath Road to Route 26; Route 26 from Diamond Pond Road to Roaring Brook Road and from Route 3 to Mohawk Cabins; Route 3 from Northern Outlet to Hughes Road; and Route 26 (Bridge Street) from Monadnock Street to the Vermont border.

Metallak ATV Club president Craig Washburn said opening the roads would create an alternate connection to Pittsburg through the Creampoke area, and it would spread out the ATV traffic and create less congestion. He said the roads would also allow businesses such Moose Muck and Colebrook House of Pizza to capitalize on ATV traffic.

"I've only got one way into Colebrook, through South Hill Road," he said. "We need another outlet to get into town."

Selectboard chairman Jules Kennett said he does have some concerns, including safety at the intersection of Routes 3 and 26. He also said cited an issue with the flow of traffic on Main Street, and said the sharp angular parking on the northbound lane might make it hard for drivers backing out to see ATVs.

Planning board chairman David Brooks said the proposal should be just to open up all the roads in Colebrook, and eventually selectman Bob Holt agreed.

The board made it clear that townspeople must have a say in it, and scheduled the public hearing for 7 p.m. on May 19 with the location to be determined, in which the club would present the proposed roads. Mr. Kennett said there will be a public vote and the input from the public "will be the decision-maker for the board of selectmen."


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