2014 Steak Feed Pictures

February 8, 2014

Groomer operator Marcel Belanger cooks steaks on a charcoal grill borrowed from the Waumbek Methna Club.


Groomer operator Bob Roderique cooks burgers on the new WMRR combo gas and charcoal grill. 
In the background, club president Bryan MacDonald and Tom Belanger organize supplies.


A fire in the side yard provides a nice place to warm up. 


The DeCandia family from Connecticut rents a house in Twin Mountain and they rode their sleds up for the steak feed.


It took a full day to clean the garage and set up the tables and chairs but it gave us plenty of room for people to spread out and eat.

Our chef George takes a break to eat along with his girlfriend Madonna.

Many thanks to all who attended.  Also many thanks to our club members who worked the event.


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