Questions and Answers About NH Sled Registration

Q: What is new for 2015-2016?
A: In order to register a snowmobile in NH at the discounted "NH club member" rate, you must now join a club in advance to registering. The club will now send you a voucher ticket which can be brought to any NH snowmobile registration station when you go to register your snowmobile to be redeemed. Support the trail systems and save money by joining a club early every year!

Q: Have the registration fees changed?
A: No, to our knowledge the registration fees will remain the same as last season. For NH residents, the cost is $66.00 and
for non-residents the cost is $86.00 per sled.

Q: Can I join a club when I register my machines?
A: No, however you can pick up a membership form to. It is now important to join a club in advance so you can get the discount.

Q: What is the least expensive way to register my snowmobiles?
A: Join the White Mountain Ridge Runners Club for $35.00.  You can then bring your WMRR voucher to
the dealer and avoid paying the CAP fee on each individual machine.  However you will still have to
pay the individual registration fee for each sled.  For example, if you are a non-resident with 4 sleds
you would pay 4 x $86.00 plus the $35.00 WMRR Membership fee for a total of $379.00.
If you DO NOT join a snowmobile club, your total cost would be 4 x $86.00 registration fee plus
4 x $30.00 CAP fee for a total of $464.00!  You save $85 by joining our club!

Q: Do I have to join NHSA before I join the White Mountain Ridge Runners Club?
A: No.  If you are not a member of the NHSA, we will enroll you.  If you are already a member of
NHSA, then fill in your membership number on our membership form.

Q: What do I get for being a member in the White Mountain Ridge Runners Club?
A: The cost of your membership helps to offset some of the administrative costs of the club.  It also
a prerequisite for using club equipment for ongoing maintenance projects (after you have been trained).

Q: What do I get for being a member in NHSA?
A: The NHSA works with the NH Legislature and Trails Bureau establishing new trails, insurance 
programs, etc. that are necessary on a state level to keep the trail system operating. You also get a
newspaper updating you on snowmobile related events all over the state.  

Q: How long will my membership last?
A: Your club and NHSA membership will run from July 1 of the current year to June 30 of next year.

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